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Khi Yêu Chưa đủ

Khi Yêu Chưa đủ

Almost Lover 2018Jan. 31, 20241H2M57S
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Xem phim Khi Yêu Chưa đủ - Almost Lover 2018

Title: Khi Yêu Chưa Đủ (Almost Lover)

Genre: Romantic Drama

“In love, sometimes the heart wants more than what is possible.”

Khi Yêu Chưa Đủ (Almost Lover) is a mesmerizing romantic drama that delves into the complex dynamics of love, sacrifice, and the unfulfilled desires of the heart.

The story revolves around Mai, a talented young pianist, and Minh, an aspiring architect. When they cross paths, there is an instant connection, as if their souls are intertwined. However, both are already committed to other people.

Mai is in a long-term relationship with Tuan, a successful businessman who loves her dearly. Minh, on the other hand, is engaged to Quynh, a kind-hearted woman who dreams of building a happy future with him.

As Mai and Minh spend more time together, their bond grows stronger, making it harder for them to deny their feelings. They witness each other’s deepest aspirations, fears, and vulnerabilities, creating a unique emotional connection that starts to challenge their current relationships.

Caught between their sense of duty and their undeniable love for each other, Mai and Minh find themselves in an emotional dilemma. Should they stay loyal to

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Wen Wei Jie

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